Rivercrest ISD receives funding from state and federal programs and grants.  These grants allow us to purchase instructional supplies and materials.  However, they restrict us from purchasing incentives for the students. For years Rivercrest Elementary students and parents were asked to participate in fundraising activities such as selling cookie dough, frozen pastries, or sodas.  Fundraisers such as these yielded, at best, a 40% profit.  Yes, the campus received 40% of the marked price and the company for which we were selling received the remainder.   

Several years ago we stopped asking you to participate in such fundraisers and just began asking for donations.  This approach successfully funded many memorable field trips and activities for the students at Rivercrest Elementary.  

Donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the donation benefits the students of Rivercrest Elementary.  Donations can be sent with the child or mailed to:

Rivercrest Elementary
Attention:Tonya Gifford
4220 US Highway 271 S
Bogata, TX 75417 
Use this Link to make an online donation.  This Link can also be forwarded to anyone you can text 💙