What does a school counselor do?

I help students by:

  • listening to their concerns about classmates, friends, teachers, etc.,
  • helping them learn to cope with family issues,
  • giving them information about life and decision-making skills,
  • helping them with student/teacher realtionships,
  • providing study skill tips and academic information,
  • providing college and career information, and
  • being their advocate.

I help parents by:

  • listening to their concerns about their child,
  • listening to their concerns about family issues and how these issues might affect their child,
  • encouraging them as they make educational decisions about their child,
  • providing them with ideas for their child’s study skills and academic success, and
  • referring them to people and places outside of school for additional help, and
  • being their advocate in the school system.

I help teachers by:

  • listening to and addressing their concerns about their students. This includes concerns about academics, difficult family issues, difficulties with peer relationships, and developmental issues,
  • providing information they can use with helping students deal with the above mentioned issues, and
  • being their advocate.

I am here for you!